Monday, July 25, 2011

The Collection Collector #15: Food we ate in Europe

My boyfriend and I recently studied in Europe, and we decided to collect photos of some of the food we ate at home and also when we traveled. The point was to make the photos look really overexposed and almost gross.

From top to bottom: greasy sausage from Prague; chips bought in a Amsterdam flea market; Bagel bought on Beer's birthday in Amsterdam; sausages and meatballs barbecued in Vondel park in Amsterdam; wasabi cheese from Amsterdam; noodles and vegetables topped with an egg from Gut and Gunstig Germany; Croissant and black coffee after a night out in Antwerp (thank you Cornel); Moltaschen in Germany bought at Marktkauf; South African style pancakes made in Tuebingen; Couscous and vegetables in Innsbruck (thank you Gerko and Katja); Gut & Gunstig Apfelstrudel 'made' in Germany; Gut & Gunstig Jalapeno poppers (shared with Kiki) ; Gut & Gunstig nasi goreng; a hearty breakfast, in the days when we still ate meat; cherries from Prague, which we ate on the bus trip home.

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