Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to grow your own origami crane in 10 seconds

A short stop-start animation film, I borrowed the music from Modest Mouse (song: "People as places as people")

The Collection Collector #4 Vintage black and white Photos and Postcards

Collector: Lidija Baard
Collection: Vintage black and white photos and postcards
Reason for collecting: "Ek vind die feit dat mense hulle mees besonder en spesiale oomblikke kan weggooi of verkoop in jumble sales ongelooflik vreesaanjaend en interessant, dus die fasinasie. Die mense en hulle lewens is totaal onbekend vir my en dus kan ek enige lewensverhaal vir hulle opmaak. Ek geniet daai vryheid om puppetry te kan uitvoer op mense wat werklik bestaan het."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Collection Collector #3 Russian posters and postcards

Collector: Koos Rossouw
Collection: Russian postcards and posters
Reason for collecting:

 "I have been fascinated with the East Bloc since I was a young child and no name, whether it ended in a -sky or an -ov(a) or an -ev(a) was too long for me to remember. Russian posters not only epitomised for me the mysterious life behind the old iron curtain, but are for me the most beautiful posters I have ever seen."

Pictured here are some postcards from Koos's Mayakovsky collection.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Collection Collector #2 brooches, badges and pins



Collector: Blogger's own
Collection: Brooches, Badges and Pins
Reason for collecting: I like pretty brooches. Here I only captured a couple of them. 

Green heart brooch: a gift from Wilna
Sparkly silver diamante brooch: A gift from my mother, Laureen
Pink breast cancer ribbon: lady from Spar
Blue tape measure brooch: Gift from Lisette
Zoo cookie pin cookie: awesome very cool and original pin made by my friend Mia Cilliers. It is made out of felt and resembles the cult classic zoo cookie. To read some of her hilarious travel stories, go to http://adventuresofzoocookie.wordpress.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Collection Collector #1: teacup party

Collector: Blogger's own
Collection: Tea cups
Reason for collecting: I only started collecting teacups two years ago, and I buy them as souvenirs. The white and green cup I bought in Egypt, the white dented ceramic tumbler in London and the metallic purple cup I bought on the day I graduated. 

My favourite is definitely the white dented tumbler. It looks like an ordinary used white plastic cup that you get at any birthday party, but it's solidified using ceramic. The tumbler is designed by Rob Brundt, and is available at the Conran Shop. You can also buy it online at :http://www.conranusa.com/ProductDetails.aspx?language=en-US&cid=Barware&pid=649533

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Review: "papercraft: design and art with paper"

I will post some of the interesting ideas and works from this amazing book on papercraft. There are some awesome projects in this book, although I could only capture some of them. If you see this book in a shop, I definitely recommend giving it a go, the inspiration never ends. Here are some of my favourite entries.

Edited by: Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Birga Meyer
Publisher: Gestalten
Cover artwork: Sarah Illenberger
 Artist: Brock Davis Studio: Laser Bread
Project: Shredded A

Artist: Yulia Brodskaya
Project: Go White (left); London (top right); Darwin was wrong

 Artist: Hina Aoyama
Project: Lettre de Voltaire (left) 'Les Phares' in Baudelaire's 'Fleurs du mal'

 Artist Peter Callesen
Project: Cowboy (detail)

Artist: Kiyoshi Kuroda
Project: Black Butterfly

Artists: Michelle Phillips & James Lunn
Project: Memorandom/Randomemo
 Artist: Lisa Occhipinti
Project: Exiles

 Artist: Robert The
Project: Lobster

Artist: Hina Aoyama
Project: Heron and Camellia

Friday, November 19, 2010

Artist: Brian Dettmer
Piece: Webster Two Point Oh

Sunday, November 7, 2010

-Muji paper city, Paris-

My sister Renee sent me this pop-up postcard. which she bought from the Japanese design shop Muji...paper at its finest.